Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal lustre - opulence and romance

If you like minimalism or high style, then you do not need to be respected. In these lighting styles really shine, highlight, accentuate, and even fun, but do not wake admiration and submissive hearts.

If you are from those who can not taste a delicacy for lunch one day a week devoted to exquisite fish dishes, like to go balls in Vienna, then you will appreciate the opulence of the interior, which will tell you.


Heavy crystal chandeliers have become popular in the Renaissance and reached its peak in the baroque and rococo. In the chandeliers is something usual to collect thousands of crystal fires, whose cool light symbolizing wealth. If you are selected with taste, they will always make your guests to turn with respect to the interior of your ambitions and your host. Do not switch to the principle to mix expensive and cheap goods, or those of very different styles. Know that crystal chandelier is something that adds a classic touch to the room.


If you decorate your apartment with crystals Swarovski, will be marked crystal Swarovski Strass, a very chandeliers can be designed by the Italian company Arredo Luce. Must simply decide whether the suit of your everyday contemplative attitude. Remember that despite all his brilliance, they may look out of place and be badly chosen.


Products of Czech company Preciosa Elite Bohemia and are no less sophisticated. Centuries-old traditions of Czech companies to ensure their success crystal. In recent years, their designers and add color stones, colorful glass, ceramic parts and still defend their leading market positions. In "La Scala" and "Bolshoi Theater has exactly those chandeliers!

No less prestigious proves marks and Egyptian Asfour, which is a worthy competitor to European companies in the Middle East.


Modern crystal collections show that inspiration and romance is not lost and is not necessarily the old-fashioned. Elegance is justified, but modesty is not always mandatory.

Remember that crystal chandelier is the source of light which the bay areas and scenes. No need to add more lighting fixtures, flashlights, lanterns and table lamps. Do you feel that you can not save them, try to be from the same manufacturer and same line, and save them for future generations.


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