Friday, February 18, 2011

Shutter Space : Sanjay Nanda


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Sanjay Nanda is a graphic designer by profession and passionate about photography. Photography helps him release his intense creative urges and communicate what he feels and sees. His experience as a visual designer helps him see beauty in mundane things. In his images he likes to use the interplay of light, textures, and colours to create unusual and complex forms that seduce the viewer. He has the ability to extract beauty out of ordinary surroundings and convert them into visually appealing images and at the same time using concepts and techniques that are grounded in the domain of fine art.

His photographic process involves a persistent scouring of the urban landscape for the uniquely unseen; compelling moments of light, texture and form; and, often times, decaying elements in the constructed environment. His works are attempts to extract and synthesize the less seen, yet strangely elegant, fragments of the urban landscape in order to reconstruct an urban aesthetic. 

Sanjay shoots a variety of subjects. He looks for scenes that he can compose in a thought provoking way and colour combinations that somehow stir him without attempting to edit the work or discriminate when in the field. When he gets back to his studio, he sorts through his images, and then chooses the ones that have a staying power for him. He is not interested in merely reproducing a particular scene or image photographically; he is more interested in collecting the raw visual materials that allow him to explore the inherent dynamics and tensions of the picture plane. 

His select works are part of various private collections.

His style could be termed as ‘expressive minimalism’. Interpreting the things he sees by removing all the descriptive clutter, to express meaning to others. It is photography that interprets, rather than describes, what we see to others. It tells a story, going beyond conveying information for its own sake. By expressing our own metaphorical point of view about what we see, we can communicate ideas to others, triggering emotional, intellectual, and imaginative responses. It is a combination of:  Abstraction, Incongruity, and Human Values. Abstraction removes literal, descriptive clutter and hones an image down to its essence and encourages unlimited thinking. Incongruity presents elements that seem to be at odds with their context and creates contrasts and juxtapositions that stimulate both the emotions and the imagination. Human values convey the emotions, beliefs, traditions and knowledge that we understand and share as humans.

Sanjay also has an exclusive gallery for photography in New Delhi.The gallery was set upto create a niche showcase space for photographers who have a passion for the medium and would like to share their work. 

Photographers with a 'name' are showcased/represented anywhere but serious 'not yet a name' talent is often ignored by mainline galleries, even by those specializing in showcasing photography or are charged very high rentals with bookings years in advance. Indipix aims  to open doors for such talent.

They encourage all photographers to showcase their talent: from upcoming amateurs to serious hobbyists and on to professional fine art photographers. For Indipix the purity of the medium is most important. To satisfy the diverse requirements of photographers and the quality of artworks that they want to present, Indipix has worked out different options for showcasing/stocking artwork at the Gallery.


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