Saturday, February 19, 2011

T.I.P Decorating Guide : Kitchen Design Makeovers #2

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I am outlining below some basic tips which can be achieved at a fairly low cost. If your budget permits you could even splurge on some aspects and budget on the rest. Whichever way works for you. The point to remember is to conceive a look which would be significantly different from the existing one. Where everything fits into a storyboard and you forget the jigsaw puzzle that was.
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Paint your cabinets in a different colour or polish them in a different finish, to give the kitchen a completely different look. You can use a combination of two colours to liven up that space, or even get some borders and colourful motifs on the panels.
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Adding an interesting moulding on the cabinetry would transform the entire kitchen as would changing the handles and knobs. It is fairly simple to do and achieves the change at a low cost. You could choose from a wide variety of options available at the sanitaryware store, which range from colourful accents to ornate handles. 

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Turn one cabinet into a display by replacing the door with a glass one, installing a light fixture inside and displaying some nice crockery or a decorative jar. Do not forget to paint the walls in the kitchen in a completely different colour as well, to complement your new cabinets and complete the picture.


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