Saturday, February 26, 2011

Design Trends 2011 : Comfort @ Work


Facebook Office
Creating a sense of luxury and comfort is also essential in office design as sparse waiting areas and receptions have made way for their more comfort conscious brethren. In a fast moving world every moment of comfort is appreciated and remembered. Creating such moments often achieves a lot more than millions of dollars in advertising. High rates of attrition and employee turnover also mean that companies need to s ensure that their employees are ‘comfortable’ in their work environments. Happy people make for efficient workers.

Google Headquarters

In fact,an increasing feature of commercial design—offices, retail outlets, restaurants etc is home-inspired design. Creating a sense of home outside the home. Giving consumers a sanctuary of peace in a chaotic world. This is defining a lot of design in ways that were previously deemed unnecessary and superfluous. Understanding the profile of the people working in a space is as important as identifying the tastes of various members of a family in a home. Space cannot be removed from the people who occupy it when you consider design.


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