Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Furniture Luxurious Modern Apartment

Furniture apartment with wood floors and sofa combination of contrasting color plus a suitable lighting makes it look luxurious apartment furniture, sofa cushions and lamp black corner makes the room so beautiful and romantic
Furniture apartments impress all in black, sofa soft and padded, the walls are also black, as well as floor tiles best white to reflect light colors make the room becomes illuminated, a table made of glass reflecting the colors, furnishing an apartment in the form of television on the wall like a cinema small

The best combination of the best wood-floored apartment furniture in lacquer, made from wood cabinets are directly attached to the roof and floor apartment, sofa made simple square showing a good impression of facing a large window with glass provides stunning views make room becomes brighter as a real picture
Apartment furniture is designed with a dominant display floor color red, the white sofa is soft and clean, with a red sofa cushions looking very bright


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